A Pro’s Quick 5-Step Guide to Travel Photography

These skills will help you succeed in capturing the perfect shot.

For the past seven years, I have roamed the world working as a freelance photographer and running photo trips in Asia. The secret to travel photography, I’ve learned, is getting up painfully early. The reward is silence, photos with clean backgrounds, and a glimpse of the destination’s real culture.

My experience has taught me that the early bird gets the photo, but I’ve also learned much more. Whether you’re shooting with a zoom lens or a wide angle, on an iPhone 6 or a DSLR, here are some important photography tips for beginners that will help you improve your skills before your next adventure.

1. Create strong composition

The quality of a photograph is directly related to the composition. With portrait photography, focus on filling the frame to only include essential elements and crop out distractions. Create depth of field, perspective, scale, and balance with the camera angle you choose. Use leading lines to guide the eye around the frame. If the composition isn’t quite right, wait for something to come into the frame and complete the image. With landscape photography, a subject—no matter how subtle—can add contrast and strengthen your photo’s composition.

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