6 Hacks For Sleeping Through A Partner’s Snoring Or City Sounds


Meditation can improve sleep in general, but it can also help a light sleeper overcome noise. Elle says the skill of mindfulness meditation may take some time to hone, but can lead to deeper and more restful sleep. One way to relax is to close your eyes and visualize. “Offering a visual aid makes it easier to train your brain to focus and tune out the noise,” the magazine says. That could be imagining your breath coming out as a color with each exhalation. Aromatherapy can also promote tranquility.

Chill with the attitude

In the case of sharing a bed with a snorer, sometimes all you can do is remember that you love the person who is snoring and stop being annoyed by the sound. “Anyone who has ever tried to get some shut-eye while the person next to them blasted nose trombone is rolling their eyes right now,” Today says, but after some training, snoring could be soothing instead of irritating when likened to the rising and falling sound of ocean waves, and can even have a lulling effect.

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