10 Simple Mind Hacks to Help You Lose Weight Faster

4. Schedule Your Snacking

Eating for distraction is an easy habit to fall into. You sit down to write an email or a report, or brace yourself for some chore you are not looking forward to, and your brain suggests a little snack first, a suggestion you eagerly embrace. cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff to make cool stuff inc cool stuff for girls cool stuff to buy on amazon cool stuff to draw

Be on the lookout for this sort of mindgame and counter it with a new one: Tell yourself that you will have that snack (and specify the snack and the amount) at a specific time–if you still want it.

Chances are that you are not wanting the food as much as you are wanting to procrastinate, and if you can get past that point, you will lose the desire for the snack.

5. Drink Your Water

Plain old H2O is a bigger weight loss aid than all the diet pills put together, and cheaper to boot! First, we often perceive hungerwhen we are actually thirsty.

As we tend to chronically under-hydrate, our bodies adjust to getting more water from food, and learn to signal for food in order to get needed liquid.

So when you think you are feeling hungry, try drinking 8-10 ounces of water first and see if that quiets the demand.

Then, if you still feel the need for food, you will feel satisfied with a smaller amount because the water you drank will be filling space in your stomach.

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