10 Simple Mind Hacks to Help You Lose Weight Faster

6. Get the To-Go Box Up Front

When eating at a restaurant, ask for the to-go box when your food arrives. Before eating, divide the food in half and pack half of it in the box. Then eat and savor the food still on the plate.

Chances are you will feel completely satisfied by that part of the serving, and will not have the “clean plate” urge pushing you to eat more than you need of the meal.

Even better, you will be able to enjoy another complete meal from your order later on–just don’t forget to take the to-go box with you when you leave!

7. Change Your Supermarket Path

mind hacks lose weight
Market researchers have found that most supermarket shoppers go up and down the aisles, hitting the outside edge of the store only when they want specific items, or making a pass around the edge after traveling the aisles.

Change up your route and do the outside edge first.┬áIn the traditional store layout, the “whole foods” — fresher foods with low or no processing — are on the edges. Get these items first and only go down specific aisles for items on your list.

In this way you avoid walking past displays of highly processed foods more likely to contain unhealthy ingredients and empty calories.

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