7 Hiking Spots in Batangas for Your Weekend Nature Escape

3. Mt. Maculot

Cuenca, Batangas

hiking spots in BatangasHow creative can you get with your selfie at the Rockies at Mt. Maculot?

After just a two-hour trip from Manila, you can get to Mt. Maculot, another famous trekking destination. It has three famous landmarks—the Rockies, the summit, and the Grotto found on the opposite side of the jump-off point. Going up to the peak of the Rockies can be quite the challenge due to the long rocky trail which takes about two to three hours to trek. However, making the distance is rewarded with the breathtaking view of Taal Lake, a perfect backdrop for a selfie. Afterwards, you can continue trekking up to the summit for an hour and then down to the grotto for another two to three hours.

The registration at the jump-off point, Barangay Kaye Siete, is PhP25. It is mandatory to have a guide, whom you can hire for PhP400 (jump-off to the Rockies) or PhP 800 (jump-off to the Rockies, summit, and Grotto) for a maximum of five persons.

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