Trails and Ales: 5 Stunning Bay Area Hikes, And the Breweries to Hit Up Afterwards

Brendan Baker

Joaquin Miller Park and Drake’s Dealership – Oakland

The Hike: Sunset Trail/Cinderella/Sequoia Bayview (3.4 miles)
I’m a big fan of Joaquin Miller Park. Like Tilden, you have yet another park that has many trails to choose from, which means you can go back numerous times and always find a new trail or combination of trails to explore. Each hike is brimming with beauty, boasting miles of redwood trees, creek beds, stunning views of The Bay and even the occasional woodland creature.

I’ve read some complaints about urban noise distracting from the “lost in the woods” appeal, but for those of us who are city dwellers, you may be used to tuning out the occasional helicopter circling overhead. I personally love the Sequoia Bayview trail most for its towering, creaking trees and of course, the bay views. Cinderella is also nice if you’re looking for a more intimate trail with lots of wildflowers. (I wouldn’t call myself a flower guy, but these pedals are dope, yo.)

Keep in mind Joaquin Miller is a popular spot, so the trail can get a tad crowded at times. Be on the lookout for mountain bikers who seemingly materialize out of nowhere, sending you diving for the trail banks.

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