12 Natural Remedies To Overcome Your Snoring

Often depicted as a comic occurrence, snoring is quite the opposite in reality, especially when it is repetitive – it doesn’t let the snorer sleep peacefully, but it is even more of a bother for the person sharing the bed, the room, or, in some extreme cases, the room next door.

Snoring occurs when the muscles of your soft palate, throat and tongue relax. Your throat’s tissues get relaxed to the point that they partly constrict your airway, vibrating as air flows past them.

People with narrower airways suffer from the strongest vibrations and hence, the loudest snores. There are several diverse factors which contribute to snoring, from the anatomy of your mouth to drinking alcohol. Fortunately, there are some simple natural remedies that you can try out to ease the problem which thankfully don’t involve a mouthpiece or a pressurized mask!

1. Use A Tennis Ball

If you’re someone who sleeps on their back for the most part, place a tennis ball in a shirt pocket of an old shirt and sew it to your pyjama top’s mid-back (the top should be a snug fit.) Now, every time you roll over, the discomfort from your tennis ball will force your sleeping self to roll back to the side, without interrupting your sleep. This may seem like a bizarre solution, but if you’re able to sleep through your partner’s many elbows, a tennis ball won’t be much trouble. You could also go for strapping a tennis ball on but it will be neither practical nor very comfortable.

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